Question Everything BUT browsers works fine on fresh install

Nov 21, 2022
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So I recently had some hardware issues, my PSU fried itself, took the motherboard with it. Got it repaired, all good to go. Games work perfectly fine, audio is okay, etc. HOWEVER, on my current not-fresh install at the time of Windows 11, browser related stuff was SLOW. REAAAALLY slow, like not loading, says I have no internet sometimes, videos buffering-kind of slow. I have gigabit internet, and speedtest showed no issues.

I figured alright, well I installed a new motherboard, let's reinstall Windows. Windows 11 didn't work with my new motherboard (even though the box says WINDOWS 11 READY) and I was JUST using it, so I went back to Windows 10. Fresh install. No other drives even connected. I get GPU Drivers, install some windows update, tweak some aesthetic areas, but then I get to browser the web again, and I have the same issue. Some websites sometimes work, sometimes don't, or show part of it but not others, or won't load the videos, or won't load altogether. Sometimes downloading stuff from websites just doesn't download. And while this is happening I can still use Discord, play games, with 0 latency issues. And speed tests continue to show 0 issues speed wise.

So what is causing this issue? I've already reinstalled Windows and dropped down to 10. Can't be an internet problem I imagine as games work fine. Can't be a big component problem as again, games (online ones) work perfectly fine. Discord works fine, Steam works fine. I figure if there was a driver missing, games would be having issues but they don't.

Anyone have any clue what to test or try here? Here's some stuff I've tried.

  • Reinstalling/downgrading windows
  • Resetting router
  • Turning off hardware acceleration inside browser
  • Trying literally every modern browser, chromium and non-chromium based, not a single one (including edge) will work any better than the other
  • Updating Windows fully
  • Basic CMD stuff like /sfc scannow, that sort of thing
  • Messing with Firewall settings
  • Trying to load a browser off of a different drive fully independent from the one my Windows is on
  • Changing power plan to performance based settings.
  • Checking for any odd CPU/disk usage at the time of issues (nothing out of the ordinary happens)
  • Testing internet on other devices during issues on PC, no problems on my phone or laptop.
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Nov 21, 2022
sounds like dns related, Discord working fine but browsers not makes me think you should ask your ISP maybe. especially since it survives a clean install. Maybe its not your end.
How would you recommend I suggest the type of problem? Just explicitely suggest a possible DNS issue?


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I would explain the problems you are having and what you have done to fix it from your end. If you lucky someone might look into it for you.

DNS - Domain Name Server being offline or down is generally how I experience outages that are caused by external factors. I learned over time to not try to fix it as its the ISP, not me. I generally now only reset router connection once and if it doesn't fix it, grumble a little and just wait.

But if its constant you need to ask them whats going on.
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Nov 28, 2022
I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 everything seemed to work except browsers would not connect to internet (even though it said connected). Tried many different things in my case when I looked the system information there was no PC name (blank). Once I added a name e.g. "HomePC", it worked fine after reboot. My understanding is ISPs need a computer name to differentiate from other devices you may want to connect using the same access point.