[SOLVED] Everything in my pc works but not when put together

Feb 27, 2022
My previous mobo died a couple of weeks back and i had to buy a new one, this started my absolute goddamn

My build:

Ryzen 5 2600x

2x8 gb ram Kingston 2666mhz

Seagate 1 terabyte SSD


Rx 570 8gb phantom gaming

PSU: Antec 750w Gold

The PC just flat out doesn't give any video output, no signal, nothing, I gave it to my brother that actually works on fixing PC's in case I did something wrong, he tested each individual component to find out which one was causing the issue

At the end it seemed to be the motherboard, so we asked for a refund, and I bought a completely different one, from a completely different seller

My brother built the pc (I was scared of <Mod Edit> something up) and it just flat out had THE EXACT SAME ISSUE, so my brother started testing again each individual component on his own pc (which is practically the same as mien), they all work fine, the Processor, GPU, HDD and RAM they all work fantastic, two components remained, the PSU and the Motherboard

He decided to test the PSU first (which I thought might have been the real issue since my previous mobo was fried by a storm) AND IT WORKS JUST FINE, PERFECT EVEN, every single component works GREAT except when they are put together on my pc

I am going absolute wild, could I just have been EXTREMELY unlucky? like gotten the exact same issue on two completely different mobos (the other one was a DS3H from Gigabyte) Is there something else I'm just missing? Any other fix we haven't think of is appreciated

I searched like crazy for any possible solutions and my brother tried everything, everything is connected well, and everything is just well put, there should be no issue, every component works fine, are there just any other solutions I'm just not seeing? Or am I gonna have to refund yet another mobo, wait for the cashback, only to buy another one and just pray that it doesn't happen again?
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That motherboard will need a BIOS update in order to boot with that CPU.

No it doesn't. Ignore me! I'm losing it!

Does it show any signs of life as fans spinning and LEDs lighting?

Assemble all the components outside of the case and see if it boots.
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I would like to point out a flaw in your thinking. In case of Ryzen systems the fact that RAM works perfectly fine on other motherboard means nothing because it might be not compatible with your motherboard (unless they are both same model which I doubt here).
Feb 27, 2022
try to swap out gpu, some rx500 gpus had compatibility issues with uefi
if you get picture, go to bios and enable CSM in boot options
Tried that too, didn't work, he put his gpu on mine and mine on his, his PC booted just fine but mine had the same issue as before