Question Everything stopped working except the fan.


Apr 23, 2019
Few months ago my keyboard stopped working while I was working and it was just a series of keys. The next day even more keys stopped working. Then I bought a new keyboard and it worked fine. Then the next day the whole computer wouldn't boot. So I ditched my notebook and again I took it yesterday. It was asking for a loop for boot, like keep pressing f4 till it boots. Then it asked for the date from BIOS. Then it worked fine for 4 hours and surprisingly, the keys that I mentioned that didn't work started to work again. Then it shutdown completely. I started to switch it on again and it showed me the windows logo and I went to the BIOS settings and it shut down again. Now it wont boot at all. It shows that it is charging. Then I removed the RAM and tried to remove the battery but I could figure it out. It was a Samsung Notebook battery. Then suddenly the fan started to run. At a very high speed and I started to assemble it again. Then fan was running till the battery was drained. Now I connected the charger and i can feel mild shocks from the keyboard.