Question Everything turns off but PC still running ?

Feb 15, 2021
Okay so I tested everything. Well all that I know of. Got a new ram sticks (2x 16gb 3200 Corsair)
Checked the power supply (650w Corsair) everything checked out. Checked around the mother board and around the cpu everything looked fine. I cleaned it out again, and used restoro and other PC cleaners. Graphics card a 1080 ti fe. And did used a power supply calculator to see if everything you know checked out.

problem: playing game, idling, YouTube, Minecraft, doesn’t really matter what I do or play it will randomly just turn off (monitor and keyboard/mouse lights turn off with no warning)
I try to press the power button and holding it to turn off or just getting anything out of it. Doesn’t work even the little restart button doesn’t work (I mean it has worked before but I feel like it doesn’t work anymore idk...) (this is also extremely random.

Could happen twice a day or 3 times a week) my last guess is I have one of those power strips or power protector surge thing idk. I have 6 things plugged into it including the psu powersupply pc.

It took me until now to realize hmmm maybe there’s too much things connected to that strip like two monitors two studio monitors and something else plus the Pc. Why is my Pc doing this to me? Did I just fixed it by plugging it straight into the wall? I’m afraid it’ll be 3 days and I’m gonna think it’s fixed then crash on me again when I’m playing a game that I can’t have my PC restart on me .