Everything You Need to Know About Creative Cloud 2014

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May 28, 2014
This cloud is US based THEREFORE avoid like the plague. Everyone should boycott US based cloud services OR any US based online services because they roll over for the US government because of the patriot act!



This cloud is US based THEREFORE avoid like the plague. Everyone should boycott US based cloud services OR any US based online services because they roll over for the US government because of the patriot act!

Say no to spying... I can agree with that

But boycott US based services because somehow you think we're the only country whose government spies? it's come to light that both the English and French do extensive spying, I wouldn't be surprised if the Germans do as well, the Russiand and Chinese most definately do... so um, why pick on the US again?


Jan 22, 2007
"... why pick on the US again?"

Perhaps because one expects it of other nations, including the UK (given it
has no constitution). Maybe people are disproportionately more disappointed
and annoyed when it's discovered the US is doing this sort of thing because
it's the one nation that by its own stated constitutional goals aims to be a
beacon for freedom, liberty, etc. The pill is thus ever the more bitter to swallow.

The recently often cited quote from Franklin really does hit the nail on the head
when in 1755 he said, "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to
purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

To put it another way, globally speaking, one expects better from the US.
It's harder to point the finger at dodgy dealings by Russia, China, etc., when
the US is doing the same things or worse. I should imagine for today's
idealistic young, especially those who had such high hopes from Obama's
election, these issues must produce a huge sense of disappointment &
disillusion. One wishes the US would return to leading by example,
assuming it was ever there.

Anyway, I digress... back to CC stuff. :} Anyone know how to get OpenCL
working in AE?




Jun 16, 2007
Keep in mind that most of the worlds best graphic designs were created in photoshop and other adobe applications. If adobe were to go out of business today, photoshop will still be a useful program. The problem with creative cloud is that it ties your use of the software, to the success of the company. If they go out of business or decide to change paths, they can render your software into a digital paperweight right before a huge deadline. Many professionals who use these applications for their livelihood are taking a huge gamble with creative cloud because the DRM makes it so that the software can fail to work when they need it most.

With older versions such as CS6, if adobe were to go out of business today, the software would still work long into the future, even new installs because since there is no uncertainty of the length of a license, it can continue to provide use if it is unable to communicate with adobe. For CC, when it decides that you have become a thief, it requires a connection to the DRM servers, and if it fails to connect, it assumes that you stole the software, and completely locks you out.

The number one goal of creative cloud was to make a much stronger DRM, the other goal is to extract more money from customers. By moving to a subscription based service, they can get a constant flow of money without having to make worthwhile improvements.

In the past, professionals would buy new versions when there was an improvement in their workflow, this forced adobe to take into account more feedback and work to improve the tasks that all of the users do as anything less and you would have professionals skipping a few versions of photoshop. CC was designed to make them pay whether there is an improvement to their workflow or not. The more frequent update crap is just complete BS as photoshop for nearly 10 years, has had an updater, and have released updated which have added features or improved support for newer cameras. CC is just purely anti-consumer. (it is far less reliable and will cost more in the long run to pretty much all customers, especially if you follow the idea of only upgrading when there is an improvement to something you do)


Nov 7, 2008
Actually, CS6, CS5 and CS4 all contact Adobe servers for licensing, so if Adobe went poof, that would break, too.

(also, CS5 and earlier don't work under MacOS 10.7 and later, too)

The thing is, CC is just a representation of 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) which is supposed to be the 'big thing' in software development these days. Autodesk is doing it as well.


Jun 22, 2014
Whoever invented Cloud computing is to his credit of being humbly anonymous. Neither preposterous claims nor credit made him/her happy at this point.
Why are you being so insecure of spying on privacy when every one of us should behave well as a responsible earthling?
With spying on your person or not, the good Lord sees your activities 24/7.
Thy Creator is so humble not to embarrass your soul now 'til then you face the Celestial home.
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