EVGA 1050 AS Rock Z77 Ext 4 Black Screen After Windows Splash


Jan 3, 2012
I have been using my intigrated graphics sence i built this in 2012. Wanted a 4k monitor intigrated was incapable of doing that so i got an EVGA 1050.

For about a month i have tried everything i can think of to get the computer to boot correctly but have had no luck.

3770K @ 4.6
EVGA 1050
Win 10 pro x64 fully updated
850 watt seasonic PSU


Press power

Get UEFI splash screen

Get windows splash screen with spinning dots

Black screen

Monitor goes to sleep

Press reset button

Windows boots normally

It does not do it on restarts only from a power on.

About 1 in 7 times it will boot correctly and go straight to windows.

Attempted fixes to date

Uninstalled intel video driver

Uninstalled nvidia drivers (sourced from EVGA)

Verified GPU was set to external mannualy in UEFI (intigrated not disabled)

Verified UEFI version for MB it is most recent.

Checked for UEFI update for 1050 none available.

Reinstalled video drivers intel 1st then nvidia/EVGA not from windows update.

The only other things i can think of is completely disableing the intigrated video which i would prefer not to do. changing to a beta UEFI, or doing a complete reinstall of windows from scratch. I really do not want to do a complete windows te install and I do not think it will fix the problem.

I have not yet checked windows fast boot settings and the problem may lie there and windows having problems reloading the quazi hybrid sleep/suspended kernel after shutdown but not be effected after reboot and restart which are both clean kernel loads.

Opnions? Ideas?