EVGA 1060 vs Asus RX 580


Oct 30, 2017
Currently I have an EVGA 960 4 GB and I love that card. EVGA and Nvidia have treated me right and I like their products.

I am looking to upgrade a new video card, and I am open to any other suggestions, but currently I am looking for around the $300 price range, and here are the 2 cards I found that I am comparing and wondering which one I should get.

Here is the EVGA 1060


I have also been a fan of Nvidia and EVGA has good products. I like the 1060 but the 6 GB of VRAM I am dissapointed in, and this card is $329.99

I play on a 2560x1080 monitor so VRAM is nice, my 4 GB of VRAM can barely handle GTA V which I like to play, so I also want a GPU that can handle this at 60 FPS with High-Ultra settings as well. I also play a lot of wow and I want a card that can handle that game at 60 FPS with Ultra Settings for sure.

My other choice is the Asus Rog Strix Radeon RX 580 T8G


I love this card, and am a fan of Asus, I have friends that have Asus cards and they say they are really good. However, I never have had an AMD card before, and am unfamiliar with their products in terms of performance and stability, and lifespan. I have checked over both cards, and in terms of specs, the AMD card seems to beat the 1060. Also the AMD card has 8 GB of VRAM which I like. I am in favor of the AMD card right now, and it is currently $349.99 from Newegg. However, they had a great deal a while ago and could get it for like $280, so I would wait for another great deal like that. I have not seen any deals for the 1060 on the other hand.

My rig specs are:
i7-7700k @ 4.2 GHZ
Corsair H100i water cooler
MSI Mpower gaming titanium
EVGA Bronze 750 Watt PSU
16 GB of DDR4 ram Corsair Dominator Platinum
3 hard drives and 2 Samsung SSD's

Like I said, I am open to any other cards I am not locked into these 2, would just really like your guys opinion on what card I should get next. My 960 just can't keep up anymore. Thanks in advance!
I have used AMD cards. Typically they used more power than their Nvidia equivalent, and in most cases ran hotter and were noisier...but they cost less. This latest generation, the RX gen, AMD seems to be doing better in all those areas. Nvidia, in the 1060, is using a new memory compression technique. This is why they offer a 3gb and 6gb card, due to the memory compression they don't require 4gb or 8gb respectively.

At this point in time I'm not aware of any game that runs good on an 8gb 580 but doesn't run good on a 6gb 1060 because the 1060 needs 2gb more vram. This could change though. If I were you I'd probably go with the 580 just in case. Although I'd prefer a 1070 due to the ultra wide screen you're using. The 580 and 1060 excel at 1920x1080, once you go substantially past that then you really need a faster card. That's especially true if you like to run high/ultra settings.