EVGA 1080 Ti SC2 possible overheat issue?

Nov 6, 2018
I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft in the last week, and for the past year I've played on at 1080p 85hz, using the in-game DSR setting at 4K. A week ago while playing WoW the computer just shut off and rebooted. After rebooting I logged back in on the same character and a minute later my PC shut down and rebooted again. After that reboot I logged on to another character and it didn't happen again for the rest of the day, making me thing it was just something weird in the game with that character.

A few days later it happened again, on another character that I always played and never had an issue with, so I decided to investigate, and after using EVGA Precision, I realized that the GPU was getting up to 80c... If I turned the in-game DSR (they just call it Resolution Scale) back to default 100%, and my card immediately dropped down to 58-62c and the computer so far hasn't had a spontaneous reboot since.

Yesterday, however, I decided to do a stress test with Super Position Benchmark, and ran it at 5K for 30 minutes, with no issues, with the GPU fans stabilizing at 67% and the GPU temp stabilizing at 76c. Is this a normal temp for a stress test? I'm trying to determine of it's a problem with the GPU or if it's just something they've done in World of Warcraft that's making the GPU get so hot-- considering in WoW it gets to 80c while only being driven 50-60% while Super Position Benchmark drives the GPU at a constant 99-100% and never goes above 76c.
I've never had an issue like this before, just read about them. lol