Question EVGA 550W B3 PCIE cable wont connect to VGA port of PSU


Sorry if I was confusing the 8 pin is going to the PSU.
I'll ask a second time since this isn't a minor point: where do these cables come from?

I ask because while it's hard to tell from the picture, the PCIE cable does not look like cables from the EVGA PSU. The sleeving's not right, you would typically see "VGA" at the top of the connector of PCIE cables, and Type 4 on a power cable is more usually something that has compatibility with some of Corsair's PSUs.

Modular PSU cables are not interchangeable. Connections are only standard on the end of the cables that connect to the PC components, not the end that connects to the modular PSU. If you've already tried turning this one with that cable stuffed in there, there's a possibility you may no longer have a GPU. So this is an important question to not gloss over.