evga 680i A1 /hanging, post code 7F- SOLUTION?


Mar 17, 2007
Getting the start up screen but cant take the next step into the bios. Screen freezes up. Post Code 7F.

New system build:(only second system I have built)

E 6850
Zalman CNPS 9700 NT
EVGA 680i A1
XFX 8800 Ultra 650
Thermaltake 1000W modular
Corsair Dominator (2x1GB)(PC2 8500)
Western Digital Raptor X (150GBx2)
Lian Li PC-G70B (full tower)
Dell 2407 (from previous system-works perfect)
no floppy, no dvd drives, no sound card until i get it running

1) Put these components together, used AS5 on hsf.
video card in x16 slot closest to cpu
2 sticks memory in slots 0,1
all case connections in place

RESULT-back case fan not rotating,nothing on monitor,post code 25
chose different mobo fan connector-RESULT-fan working
reseat video card- nothing on monitor, post code 25
clear cmos-nothing on monitor, post code 25
use second x16 slot-nothing on monitor, post code 25

change build-
alternate video card (BFG Nvidia 7800 GT OC)in slot closest to cpu
reseat memory, only ONE stick in slot 0
no hard drives
reduced case connections to fans and front panel
RESULT-initial screen on monitor, freezes up/cannot enter bios, post code 7F

4)replaced BFG with XFX in same slot -RESULT-now achieve initial screen and post code 7F

complete reinstall, including mobo,
reseat cpu, used Zalman thermal grease this time on hsf,
reseat memory
no drives attached
XFX in same slot - RESULT- post code 7F
use other memory stick- RESULT -7F

Only thing left to do is build externally and test- never had to try this, what steps should I take?
Is this worth doing based on what I've already done?
Anyone have experience with this post code and this mobo?
Any input on build compatibility, other options, or a diagnosis is appreciated.


Mar 17, 2007
well, i waited and waited for some help. built it outside case, didnt make a diff.

since noone seems to have a clue about this i thought i'd let you know how i worked it out. :love:

put in an older graphics card even though my new one doesnt seem to be defective, it seems this mobo is a bit tetchy, and put it in secondary PCx16 slot.

the evga 680i sli manual says, no need to feed the PWR3 for the graphics card unless you're doing SLI, well thats not right. always give the thing juice.

use only USB keyboard and mouse on startup, i think this is the clincher.

had these components installed: one stick memory, power supply, cpu with stock fan, BFG video card metioned above, floppy, and voila!, able to enter bios. updated bios and then able to use XFX video card, two sticks memory, two raptors, and CD drive and loaded windows xp.

have yet to run some tests, will post.
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