Evga 680i LT MB ISSUE???????? NEED HELP


Dec 15, 2007
Hello! im new at building computers and this is my first build, I believe me and my friend set up everything corrently, But the only problem is on my monitor I dont get no display? Nothing shows up. THe fans are running, I see 3 lights on my motherboard, My PSU is working, Heatsink working, Video card seems to be working since the fan is running? Any guesses? is my board dead of out of box? I guess Bios is suppose to pop up right away if eveything is working properly. I was correclty grounded during installing compents, and Very careful. The only thing that shows up on my monitor is a box that say, Monitor is working , check cables and plugs....Its not the monitor b/c i plugged it back up to my old computer and it works perfectly fine. I need help.


evga MB 680i LT
C2d 6750 2.6 GHZ
2 gigs of partriot 6400 Ram
8800 GT 512
seagate 320HARDdrive 16 mb cache
rocketfish 700WatT PSU
LG 20x dvd recorder
There's a faq for new build troubleshooting. I always do a bare post; just the cpu/heatsink, video, and one stick of memory on a non conductive surface, such as a phonebook or cardboard motherboard box. Reseat the memory just to be sure it's installed correctly. Use both atx power supply connections, 24 and 4 pin; find the 2 pin power switch lead and use the case connector or touch with a flathead screwdriver to power up. No optical or hardrives connected.