evga 680i or P35 motherboard for Q6600 processor


Aug 10, 2007
Not too long ago, ordered from newegg a evga nf68 that currently remains unopened because haven't gathered all of the parts to put it together. Recently have read that the board has some problems and issues. Also, people seem to generally recommend the P35 over 680i for quads and even more so when there are no plans for Sli mode or anything like that. Have contacted Newegg, they have agreed to to refund the NF68 with no restocking fee, but would still need to pay the shipping.

Have no real plans for sli mode for the most part, so that would appear to be a positive for the P35 board. Despite this, have found no real information on why the P35 is a better option. While most of the reviews for the P35 have been positive, none of them really compare the two or declare one better than the other. Also, most seem to use a E6600 for testing them.

What are the natural benefits that P35 has over 680i that make it the preferred option? As for over clocking, haven't found any data or general results that show P35 being the better option for the processor. Is this the case? Also, if P35 is picked, would IP35 Pro be a good option? Heard it was pretty good.

Thanks for the response.


Feb 9, 2007
I have the P5N32-E SLI 680i motherboard and if I were buying today I would get a P35 board. It really boils down to one question, do you plan to go with SLI, if the answer is yes then go with 680i if not P35.