May 6, 2008
Ok i had my P965 overclock my e6300 to 2,8 no prob. I guess I don't understand this bios or something but I set my memory ration to 1:1 and FSB to 1750 which then said that my clock speed would be 3.06 in bios. I restart and the bios says Warning now in safe mode please re-setting cpu clock speed or memory. Anyone know whats wrong? I thought i dont really understand why I would want the FSB at 1750 maybe i dont understand overclocking or something. I thought it was your cpu multiplier x the fsb which intern would make me at
12.2 GHZ which is not right obviously. Can someone help and please explain.


Feb 9, 2008
Isn't that QDR? 438 or so would be the FSB. So 438 x 7 = 3059.
QDR is quad pumped FSB.

That would make your memory 876 Mhz. in a 1:1 configuration.

Maybe your memory cant handle that?



Feb 29, 2008
I do not know the bios of your mobo and how can you set it to 1750, that is impossible
Normally in bios rarely you can go beyond 500
if you want your fsb speed 1750 you have to set it in bios to 437.5
and your memory will be working at 875
and this combination does not work in ratio 1:1
you did not metion your Ram
Is it DDR2 667 or 800 or 1066 or more
if you have 800 and want to run in ratio 1:1
You have to set FSB in Bios to 400
If you have 1066 and want 1:1 FSB must be set to 533
The speed of your processor is another issue
It will be the result of
FSB (As set in Bios) X Multiplier (As set in Bios)
Say you set FSB in Bios to 400 And Multiplier to 9
Then your processor willgive you 3.6GHz

Hope it is clear now

Need to know your Ram to help you more

Sounds like either the motherboard or memory simply can't handle the FSB or DDR speeds being set. I know when I was trying to OC my set up, if it didn't like my settings when rebooting it would essentially reboot twice, and then it would reset everything in the BIOS to default to allow itself to POST.

Your actual CPU speed would be 437.5 * 7 = 3062.5 since your CPU multiplier is 7.

Some motherboards allow you to set the actual FSB (i.e. 333, 400, 437.5, etc). While the nVidia boards you set the "QDR" instead.

So you're doing the math right, just using the wrong numbers. 1750 is your QDR, not FSB.

FSB = QDR / 4


May 6, 2008
Seems stable so far max load at 53c. Any reason it wouldnt be stable?

E6300@3.42 1.35v
Corsair XMS2 800 x 3gb
EVGA 750i FTW Mobo