Question EVGA 850W GQ Coil whine


Mar 17, 2021
So i just built a new PC in december and everything is new, except GPU.

Mobo: B650M aorus elite ax
CPU: Ryzen 7600x
GPU: GTX 970
RAM: 16gb x 2 Corsair 5600mhz

Since the first boot i always heard a high pitched noise, which i believe its coil whine. Its louder when the PC is in idle/browsing, if i start some games or do something more power hungry like watch a few 4k videos in 2x the noise goes down alot and even stops completely sometimes. If i close the game it doesnt take long for the noise to start again.

To figure out where the noise was comming from i got a toilet paper tube and went through the pc to see if i could figure out if it was really from the PSU, GPU or Motherboard, and i do believe its from the PSU since i never had coil whine with this GPU in another computer.

With that said, i have a few questions:
  1. Given what i said, does it really looks like psu coil whine or could i be something else?
  2. Does some people not hear it? I've asked a few people older than me to see if they could hear it and they say they dont hear anything, but for me IS SO DAMN LOUD.
  3. Since im using an old GPU, when i was building my PC i added a few PCIE cable to my PSU so when i upgrade the gpu its already there to install it. So i have two cables plugged in: one being used my the GTX 970 and the other just there. Is there a problem with this?
  4. Is there a chance for it to stop overtime? it has been like 3 weeks since i build my PC and i honestly dont really want to unplug everything a waste a few weeks doing the RMA.
  5. Is there a way to make it go away? ive heard a good way is to stress the PSU, running power demanding stuff for a few days so it goes away. True or a myth?
Thank you all for your time.
Coilwhine is typically either the GPU/PSU/Mobo. It typically happens when the caps of one piece of hardware resonate/vibrates. It happens when current is passing through.

It can be annoying to hear it but is not dangerous and does not affect performance. If the part is under warranty (and you are sure it's the culprit, then RMA it.