EVGA 8600 GTS or XFX 9600 GSO


Jul 1, 2009
The competition is between these two cards:

EVGA 8600 GTS:

XFX 9600 GSO:

I'm want to upgrade my crappy 8500 GT I got a couple years ago. And these two cards really caught my eyes due to its price and value (possibly quality as well).

I read a lot of good reviews on these two card and the 9600 GSO just seems to win every round, but every of those review the 9600 GSO has a Memory Type of GDDR3 and the one on the link is a DDR2. So what really is the difference?

Looking at both of their specs, it seems like the 8600 GTS has a higher Core Clock and Memory Clock then the 9600 GSO, but the 9600 GSO has 96 Stream Processors which seems really good and I know that the 9600 GSO is basically the 8800 GS.

I'm planning to go with the 9600 GS but I'm still scratching my head on the 8600 GTS higher Core and Memory Clock, and also on these Memory Types of DDR2 and GDDR3. If anyone is willing, please explain to me these stuff on these two card and why which one is better then the other.

Keep in mind I am not an extreme gamer (even though that would be nice) and I like playing crappy games that probably none of you would even imagine ever playing like WoW quality games. And I have Call Of Duty 4 which on all LOW SETTINGS on my crappy 8500 GT and giving me a 22~30 FPS (still playable but lacks realism). I am wondering if these two card is able to at least run CoD4 on medium or high settings no AA with a decent playable frame rate.

Lastly this is my first post, so please don't flame me and these cards and then tell me to go buy something better like the other higher end cards like the 8800 or 9800. It just about these two. Hopefully someone can help me decide alright.
+1 for that 9600GSO

It will tromp all over a 8600GTS.
Another good option in that price range would be a 4670.
It will give you generally similar performance to the 9600GSO but draws much less power.
Also, make sure you keep your eyes open if you shop around for other 9600GSO's.
Some of them have 96Sp (like the one you found) while others are much less powerful and have only 48Sp.


That 4670 is supposed to have a $10 MIR.
Not sure why it is not showing up directly on the product page.
You can get the link to the rebate from the following link along with some other options for a 4670.