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EVGA 8800 GTS card is to long for my motherboard


May 1, 2008
Any ideas except for the obvious, new computer, new motherboard, or just returning graphics card? Video card is running into where power supply hooks into motherboard. I have tried to bend card down a little and got to seat also this card is a pci-e, but when i turn it on long beep telling me I guess that the card is not seated correctly. My computer
is a HP a630n. I just wanted to play games with mainly.


Apr 15, 2008
What the OP seems to be referring to is that the card is so long that it is going to the point where the 24pin power connector from the power supply to the motherboard is. This cable is causing an issue with getting the card to seat properly. What may help is to carefully cut the sleeve on the power connector that bundles all the wires together so that you can separate them a little more and possibly get the card to squeeze in between. If it is the actual plastic connector that plugs into the board, I have no idea what you can do about that. I assume that you only have one PCI-E slot?


Mar 8, 2008
Also you might be able to find a 90* adapter that plugs into the board, then you can plug your PSU harness into it. Something that plugs in but has a low profile because it forces the wires out at a right angle to the motherboard.



Is that your motherboard? Measure how long the card can be. There are alot of 9 inch cards now, but some GF8800 models are only 8.5 inches (inside the case). GF8600's can be very short, but obviously don't perform nearly the same. They may be a better match for your short installation location, your cpu, and your power supply.

Also, if you don't plug in the 6-pin PCI-e power connector you can get a long beep too. Did you plug a PCI-e power
cable into the 8800GTS?

What to replace depends on the system specs. What CPU you running? 2.8GHz? 3.4GHz?