EVGA Dual X79 SR-3

It is here! (almost)

Dual LGA-2011 for SB-E not sure yet if it has to be Xeons, or if the i7's can 2P.
8 DIMMS (P0) and 4 DIMMS (P1) for quad channel.
7 PCIe. 3 @ 3.0 x16, 7 @ 3.0 x8
14 SATA, USB 3.0

Power Reqs...

24pin ATX

Per Processor
1 8pin ATX
1 6pin PCIe

PCI Slots
1PCIe 6pin.

This is probably going to retail for around $600 +

We have released only 1 special dual processor desktop motherboard in the 8 years that I have been working for Intel®. That board the Intel D5400XS and it supported Intel Xeon® 5200 and 5400 series processors and a single special Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9775 that were all socket 771 (the server socket) and the board was an Extented-ATX board.

So while it is possible that we will release a desktop processor that will work in a dual processor configuration the chances of is very slim.

Most likely this will be a workstation board and won't be released until we release with processors that can work in a dual processor configuration.

Christian Wood
Intel Enthusiast Team
I am pretty sure that since the mem controller resides on the chip itself now instead of on the NB that each CPU would individually control it's own memory bank.

Apparently they went with 12 slots so SR-2 builds could just transfer their RAM over. (because they are going to be very broke after an SR-3 and 2 Xeons)
The only way, that I know, on the SR-2 was with 2 Xeon's and symmetry across ALL DIMM banks. If one CPU(0) had 3x4GB then ditto CPU(1) had the same exact set or 2 Sets of (3x4GB) i.e. 24GB in that example. The only Quad Channel on the SR-3 that 'I' would do, considering cost, is 2 Sets of 4x4GB to insure symmetry and full Quad Channel or i.e. 32GB. Now I assume since the SR-2 accepted UDIMM ECC and not RDIMM, you can use Unbuffered ECC otherwise sure the non-ECC kits used in most PC's (SDRAM). Personally, I would not 'bastardize' configurations any other way except Density (GB/stick) 'when' 8GB/stick gets off its' high horse (big $) - 8x8GB isn't cheap - yet ;)
Afford yes, Rationalize no.

A few of my office servers cost more than many cars. :??:

I enjoy hobby building and I love building with my Daughter, but as soon as she loses all interest -- I'm done. I won't build another ultra-complex 'SR' rig it took too much time and was a PITA.
I love building and I want to build at least 1 over the top rig before I start having to be responsible with my money. This might be the one. Hopefully I can get it to look at least close to what your builds look like.
Then start letting your wealthy friends know you're interested. Convince them they need an SR-3 to out do their peers.

My best piece of advice is NOT to guarantee a completion date and only use a KNOWN case that will fit it properly! Stick with either EK or Koolance water blocks, dual PSUs, and most important NEVER your own money.
I ended up using (2) CORSAIR Professional Series Gold AX1200, you really want 2000W for the GPU/MOBO and all the pumps/fans/drives///etc.

edit: Yes, the SeaSonic's make very good PSU's and yes I know the one you linked is Platinum rated.
You can have a 5000W PSU, if it's only drawing 300W than that's all it's pulling. It's better overkill and lose (1%) BFD of efficiency than not have enough power to handle the spike/surges of power; system load/utilization. I can tell you this you'll 9/10 need an electrician to run a 20 AMP dedicated line otherwise you'll trip the typical 15 AMP socket that's already being shared (daisy chained).

On our servers it makes sense to use 'Platinum' 7/24/365 + predictable loads, on a play thing that's being run only a few hours at a time - it makes little difference; pay now or pay later - electricity vs cost differences on PSU.

Efficiency - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/80_PLUS#Efficiency_level_certifications


Reminds me of my old convertible review - 1 CON = 15 MPG ; least of my expense.