Question evga ftw3 3080 12gb rad fans always at 100%


Jun 24, 2014
I got the gpu almost a week ago and i been looking into this but i can never find anything clear about it.

I have no issues with the fan on the card itself, but the 2 fans on the rad are always stuck at 100% speed making it very loud, when i first turn my pc on the fans spin but dont get loud until im into windows, so i tried windows safe mode out of curiousity and the fans would spin but not at 100% because its not as lound in safe mode, i dont know if thats normal or not but thats when i knew the fans were spinning at 100% when in windows normally.

On the product page it says the fans on the rad are supposed to be speed controllable but so far ive had no luck with that, they are always at 100% at start and i have no way of adjusting it. in precision X1 i can control the single fan on the gpu like normal but for the fan setting that im assuming is supposed to be the dual rad fans it says 30% at 0 rpm and changes accordingly when gaming but the actual fans themselves dont change at all and setting it to manual and adjusting it still does nothing to the rpm.

am i missing something or is something wrong with the card? i really need a way to make them adjustable becasue ic ant even enjoy a video with it.