Jan 22, 2013
So I just picked this: Evga Geforce GT610 1GB up for $50 bucks at a local computer shop. What are everyone's thoughts on this card I did not find really any independent reviews... I was able to play lol on MED with some eye candy, and Dota 2 on med with some eye candy. What will this card do with WOW?? high?, also I have an AMD Athlon 64x2 6000+ 3.0ghz what would be an upgrade over this to increase my ram capacity?? currently only expandable to 4gb...sigh :sarcastic:.


GTX 610 is really a bad card as you can get HD 7750 a much better card for $90.
To increase ram capacity you have to get a new motherboard, a new processor that is compatible with the motherboard, new ram cards that are compatible with the motherboard so basicly a whole new computer.
I'll say you use this build and do not waste money on upgrading it as parts for your motherboard are old and rare.
You can get good motherboard, processor and rams for $300 and up.