Question EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti XC HYBRID suddenly black screening

Oct 26, 2022
I've had this graphics card for nearly 3 years now and it has worked flawlessly up until this week.

When I turn my PC on with this card in, it does not display (black screen), though the fans on it still spin. Moreover, this card has LED lit writing on it which does not light up either when it previously would when it was fully working.
When turning the PC on and off multiple times / disconnecting the power and discharging the PC by pressing/holding the power button, it sometimes starts working and the PC boots fine and works as it normally would and never crashes.
Once it does start working, even turning the PC off and turning it back on it still works. It is only when I leave the PC off for several hours that when I try to turn it on, the LED writing on the card lights up briefly for a few seconds and then goes off and there is no display.

Things I have done to rule out other components being the issue:
  1. Tried different PSU, still same issue
  2. Tried different graphics card, no issues with different graphics card
  3. Tried different RAM, still same issue
  4. Tried clearing the CMOS, still same issue
  5. Tried different monitor, still same issue
  6. Tried different power cables / DP / HMDI cables for monitors, still same issue
Things I have done to try fix the problem:
Cleaned the GPU of any dust
Cleaned the PCIe slot of any dust
Ensured all cables are connected properly

In addition to this, sometimes my motherboard reads error code b2 (I believe this is related to a gpu issue), while this problem is occurring, and sometimes it reads AA (I believe this means everything is fine) while the problem is also occuring.

This leads me to believe it is a GPU issue

My question is, why is it working after multiple restarts, and then works flawlessly only until I leave the computer OFF for several hours does it stop working again?
How do I (if possible) fix this problem?

Thank you so much

Aorus x570 master
G.Skill 3200MHz RAM (2 x 16GB)
Ryzen 5900x
RTX 2080ti
m.2 sabrent
EVGA Titanium T2 1000watt psu
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