Info EVGA GTX 1060 Single - Upgraded fan and stable overclock

May 26, 2023
After tinkering around with basic EVGA GTX 1060 single fan. I was able to acheive a stable overclock. The goal was to get the same clock speeds as the SC "superclocked" model. The standard GTX 1060 has a wimpy little aluminum heat sink, which is why overclcoking has been difficult until the fan was upgraded.

My Settings
+200mhz GPU
+200mhz VRAM
+5 voltage
78c target temperature
70% fan speed locked while gaming, otherwise auto

Keeping the card cool allows it to *not* throttle. In testing I found that I could keep 1900mhz stable while the stock fan would throttle back to 1500mhz eventually. It should only be 1700mhz, but the cool temperature allows it to maintain boost mode the entire time. Before I upgraded the fan, I had another 92mm fan pointed right at the card for testing, and it did not allow these results. This is why I decided to upgrade the fan itself.

My Fan
I installed a 92mm bequiet fan in the stock location. While it has a maximum of 2100RPM vs the original 2500RPM the air flow is rated higher.
Note : The fan will idle at 500RPM vs off on the stocker. The fan is basically inaudible under 50%. Also it cools better at lesser RPMs vs stock.
The fan is only $10 and $7 for the gpu to 4 pin adapter was $7.
You could apply this to any GPU, but since mine only has a single fan, I think the results were decent. A dual fan card may not need this.