Mar 30, 2009
My newly ordered gtx 275 ftw has quite a few problems.

Firstly when i play games the screen will randomly go blank and then resume. Its not an overheating problem because i use rivatuner to turn up the fan speed when gaming.

Secondly the graphics card makes a high pitched noise that lasts for a couple seconds during boot, it then fades away.

I have requested an RMA but for the hell of it i moved it down a PCI-E slot and the screen blank problems are gone, but the high pitched noise is still there at boot.

But ever since i changed the PCI-E slot it is performing great. Should i still RMA it?

Also, i can't overclock it with riva tuner or any other overclocking software liike EVGA precision.

Well, i can, just when i start playing a game it only wants to go into low-power 3D which makes the overclock pointless because it is like 300mhz and 100mhz, meaning i get like 10FPS...

And yes, i have ran and driver sweeper.

What should i do?

Thank you.


Sep 26, 2009
Well, what kind of power supply are you using? Most of the time, when a card starts down-clocking itself during 3-d heavy applications, it's because of insufficient available power. Please post your PSU specs so we can check it out!

If you know it's not your PSU, you can try following this guide to disable the power save mode, and see if your games improve.

As to the noise, check to see if it's coming from the fan and not the actual board. If it is just the fan, then yes it's annoying, but not a killer issue or worth the RMA as long as you are getting the normal RPM's out of it. Could be that the fan bearing just didn't get enough oil in the sleeve when they built it. The fan seems to be working fine since you mentioned that you can adjust it through RivaTuner without problems. If the noises start getting worse, or fan performance starts dropping, then it's time to send it back.