EVGA gtx 285 SC or 2 4870s 1gb in CF


both configurations are samely in price but will 2 4870s beat a single gtx 285?

also my PSU is a corsair tx750

sure it can perfectly handle a gtx 285 even with some OC but not sure about 2 separate 4870s of 1gb each

Thanks for your replies.!


Nov 23, 2006
Two 4870s will destroy a single GTX285.

Most likely your power supply is strong enough, but it depends on the other components. Can you list all the components in your setup, including all HDDs DVD drives, etc.

Though 1 on 1, the 285 wins, you'd need a 295 to beat twin 4870's. Here's a good link for comparision purposes.


And keep in mind that the twin 4870's though will run more than 15% hotter. That's 2.5 times the heat load inside your case. Not necessarily a reason to avoid, but just make sure you have a case w/ god air flow. Something w/ 2 or 3 80 mm fans is not going to cut it.

2 x 4870 = (82C - 23C ambient) x 2 cards = 118
295 = (71C - 23C ambient) = 48
285 = (75C- 23C ambient) = 52
2 x 285 = (75C- 23C ambient) x 2 = 104