EVGA GTX 295 crash pproblem


Jun 25, 2009
My specs:
AMD Phenom ii x4 955 BE @ 3.2ghz
EVGA GTX 295 not overclocked
MSI 790fx GD70 mobo
Creative Soundblaster X-fi extreme gamer
Corsair 750tx 750w
8gb (4x2) OCZ gold ddr3 1600 amd edition @ 1333

The problem happened with spore (i know not the game you'd think of playin with this type of system, but i like it). After playing the game for a long time, it crashes and says the 'video card driver has stopped responding and has recovered'. This usually happens with an unstable overclock, so what is the problem now??
Check for patches to the game and apply them.
Check you have the latest drivers for ALL your hardware.
Check Windows and DX are fully updated (DirectX must be updated manually, it is not updated along with Windows).
Check the temperatures of both the card and CPU.
Try running with one memory stick in at a time, Memtest or Everest can software test the memory for errors as well but I have seen posts where both have failed to spot a memory problem and physically removing the stick/s cured it.