EVGA GTX 570 2.5gb


Jun 14, 2011
I was just looking on the evga website and there is a new 570 the 2.5gb, finally a 570 with more ram for the higher res games or applications.

please some one give us some bench marks in the future. I know this will probably not affect the 1920x1080 benchmarks but this should help beat out the amd cards which were always doing better at the higher res stuff.

Any insight and i wonder how this will overclock!


Oct 1, 2011
I am curently OCing it at 800/1600/2000 and it runs very stable. I have a fan profile setup with MSI Afterburner and temp does not get above 63c (BF3 on Ultra settings for a couple hours).
While I read that the fan sucks on this card, I took the thing apart to snoop around and it has a decent pipe system and solid enough fan. I was going to install a Zalman GPU cooler but it really isn't needed for speeds under 850MHZ Core.

EDIT: I have seen a ton of these beasts clocked up to and over 900MHZ without really adjusting the voltage and without aftermarket cooling on the GPU. So my understanding is it clocks the same as all of the other 570s, very well.