EVGA GTX 570 Classified OR Sapphire Radeon 6950 Toxic 2gb


Sep 7, 2011
Hello world

I have a question

GTX 570 Classified or 6950 Toxic

Money isn't a problem, I'm looking for raw performance
I will be ordering one now and one in the near future, so dual graphics is also in the equation

Also, if i order the 2 toxics, i will have 3 6950s (i know that sounds stupid but i was going to sell my current one), would the Asus Z68 Deluxe be alright with Tri Xfire or should i not bother.

But the main question is the name of the thread.

Thank your :)
you wise words will mean a lot friends xD


Mar 6, 2010


Oct 4, 2011
if money is not a problem, 2x gtx 580. period

OT: i'd go with 570 classy. but that's because i dunno much about amd gfx and i am from the nVidia league.
plus, overclocking is an issue for me and i found all my nvidia cards OCed splendidly. i tried AMD once (HD 5770) and was not amused about the result.
but i learned that nowadays Radeon cards overclock well and there seems to be almost no performance difference between HD 6950 Saphire Toxic and a regular GTX 570! and both have 8+6 power pin connectors. this almost let me to revise my desicion to buy GTX 570 classified. but there are 6 phase core voltage regulators on the EVGA card, so i will stick with that.

you picked 2 different priced cards. unlocked Toxic 6950 are here around 250 (euro)bucks, the classified 570 around 320 so a huge price difference. do not make a mistake here, GTX 570s are available here for 260, so it is really this EVGA topline GTX 570 which is so expensive.
i found one review on hardocp.com, where the toxic with regular 6950 bios even beats the *** out of a GTX 580 (!) in bad company 2. in otheres (eg overclockersclub.com) things were reversed and the 6950s and 6970s were anihilated by GTX'ses. not very good reviews, if you ask me.

so i have to say, hardocp.com seems to lean a little (!) towards AMD products. i browsed in their review database and found some strange results. in almost every benchmark, any 6950 was as fast as a GTX 570. i didn't see that on any other site so far. and overclockersclub.com seems to tend to nVidia products. so maybe you don't want to miss the grain of salt here and read their reviews carefully.

i found somehow more consistent test at ht4u.net , where the Toxic stands around 1% behind a regular GTX 570. the classified will widen that really huge gap further ;) so i suggest 570 if money is not the point here. remember, i favour nvidia.

but i guess it all comes down to personal taste, used games and this: both are excelent cards to play on. even more so when double-teames in SLI/CFX



Sep 8, 2011
IMO the 6950 toxic is better price/performance. It can unlock and outperform a 6970. It's also relatively quiet, and scales better in a multi-card setup if you choose to go that route.