Evga gtx 580 3gb - heat produced?


Jul 23, 2011
Hey everyone,

I ordered an EVGA GTX 580 3GB a couple of weeks ago but due to a "stock discrepancy" I have to wait a bit longer until I get it. This now gives me a window of opportunity to request a change of product or a refund and this has me thinking...

Has anyone had any overheating issues with this card? I use my computer pretty much all day for work and I am concerned about damaging the new card, especially with summer on the way (southern hemisphere).

I know that there are other makes of this card that have custom cooling etc but this is the only brand that will fit in my case according to my measurements.

As this particular model is smaller than the others available I am wondering if I need some kind of cooling solution.

Overclocking for games is hopefully an option when I figure out how it all works.

note: I do not plan on setting up SLI right now (maybe down the track), it's just the single 580 that I will install.

Thanks in advance.