Evga gtx570 superclocked & eva gtx570hd difference?


Nov 12, 2010
Factory overclocked versus reference design. Factory overclocked cards are a bit faster, but you can (usually) just overclock the reference card and get exactly the same performance.

There are a few reasons I see for getting a factory overclocked card, and they don't apply to everyone.

1. You want the performance of overclocking without the hassle of actually doing it yourself.

2. You want a guarantee of a minimum level of overclocking, since not all cards are created equal.

3. The factory overclocked card comes with a better cooler, like the Twin Frozr design from MSI.


They are both a 570 gpu so you would get the same performance except the superclocked one will give a bit more performance out of the box untill you overclock the stock one and then they will be the same. It's just a way for them to charge more money to do the overclock for you. Both cards will still overclok to the same limit give or take a few mhz because all gpu's are not 100% exactly the same. With the superclocked one you can just pop it into your computer and your done. Some people like to do it themselves and they enjoy it.

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