Evga + Innovatek = Extreme Water Cooling Rig


Feb 2, 2006
Wow, BFG is been known to release top end GPUs with water cooling blocks. But Evga, I would say the two are arch enemy and now Evga is letting out a loud response. Both offers good quality products and top notch warranties and extremely helpful customer support at least on the BFG side. Sure it's a bragging and taking names and to show the rest who's the shark in the pond.

BlackPearl Edition: This thing has more metal than the Terminator

So fresh and so clean clean.

That's one "cool" and I mean literally "cool" looking rig.

This year is been really exciting as new and innovative and extreme products have flooded or about to in the market. I always hope one day they'll have a low watts low heat components thus eliminating the need for active cooling, no offense to all who makes cooling products but it will be happening soon, not too soon maybe.

More pics, click this.


Jul 15, 2006
Very sweet looking, but I really wish they hadn't used those freakin' push-pins for the CPU block. I've grown to intensely hate the push-pin over the last few years, when did the world forget how to work a screwdriver anyway?