EVGA mobo code questions and comparisons between BFG/ASUS.


Jun 6, 2007
What is the difference between these two boards besides the price?
A1 and T1

I don't understand what A1 and T1 means. In fact, on all the evga 680i mobos I don't understand what the codes at the end of the product number means. Does anyone know? How does this board stack up against BFG sli board? newegg bfg

Is this asus board better than alll of the above? newegg asus

What is the best sli board for this price range? Any help/advice would be appreciated. My new rig will be strictly for gaming. Thanks all.
I don't notice the difference either. But the reviews suggest some heat issues. I don't recall if the 680i is penryn ready. Fry's is selling the asus p5k wifi-e for $199 this weekend, or $249 on their website. You might want to check it out. It's penryn ready, and may also utilize ddr3 when it gets cheaper.