EVGA N41 939 and Opteron 165



Afternoon all. Ok I have an ancient back up system that I allow my kids to use. In its prime under phase cooling and finally air it was a decent rig.

2 days ago it shut down and I ran through the process of removing components to finally I reached just the motherboard, power supply and cpu. The system will boot for about 1 second then power down. I have removed the CPU and heatsink (its an after market, huge copper base, cooling fins, fan, i think nocturna) and cleaned it, put new artic and made sure it was tight again.

The power supply is a PC n Power 550 and it tests out fine with the power tester.

I have removed the board and tested it on a static neutral bench I use.

Here is the crux: IF I run the system with the 4 prong power to cpu plugged into the motherboard it will only boot for a second or 2 before shutting down. IF however I remove that 4 prong power to cpu then the board and attached "case fans" will spin up, the board reports FF and it will just hum right along.

For the experts does this mean the CPU is bad? Or is it the motherboard?

I know its ancient, it needs to be upgraded but for my own education I was curious to know what others think. I myself upgraded last year to a sandybridge i2500k so if I take the plunge again I will get an ivybridge and move my sandy n board down to the kids. Have to buy more memory and other goodies but such is life :)