Has any one seen this?: http://www.evga.com/articles/00512/

No it’s not based on the new Fermi architecture… we are still finalizing those details, so stay tuned. It’s a rocking new graphics card designed by NVIDIA and EVGA to take PhysX to the next level.

So then, WTH would it be? A Dual/Tripple GPU card with 1 | 2 cores for normal GPU work and one core for PhysX? Or something else? The old AGEA GPU revised + normal GPU?

What's amused me is the lack of noise from the likes of Charlie and Faud, I wonder if they have got so engrossed with the Fermi 'Tesla' card that all other info has been either overlooked, ignored, misconstrued or simply kept hidden from them, either way if Nv do have a 'new' card that can be released at the end of this month or next then it's one in the eye for the naysayers.

Pretty much my thought's exactly, then again it could just be pants as in one card based around a single game that has been out for a while and a couple of 'coming soon' titles that nobody in their right mind are going to be interested in.


Jan 3, 2007

To answer, most likely: no (DX10.1 at best), and yes. Expecting useless filler card, which at least will sell to fans till Fermi arrives, Evga have to use imagination to have anything new in stock for a quarter or so.
I would say it's a combo card.

No new DX, no new OGL, OCL, CS, etc.

Probably a combo of old and new as mentioned, but I would think it's the G210 being used, not something so big as a GTS250.

So sell remaining old and struggling new, on a novelty card.

I think the reason Charlie and Fuad haven't written anything about it, because they're still laughing at the idea, especially with the low cost of current old stock, would anyone pay anywhere near enough for this, just to get the ease of a single card, versus simply adding a cheap GF8600/9500/9600 to a current rig?