Question EVGA Rtx 2070 Xc ultra overclocking help

Jul 29, 2019
So I have a question about the rtx 2070xc ultra which I will just call the 2070 from now on. I use EVGA’s precision X1 to change clock speeds on my 2070 but I was wondering about voltage. I boosted the MHz up by 85 which I guess is an increase in clock speeds, and I boosted my memory speeds by 700 MHz and I don’t think I have hit the cap on that yet because I don’t really have a good way to test it. Anyways I was wondering if the card’s seemingly automatic response to put more voltage through it will damage it ( I really don’t know if that’s what it is actually doing). I noticed that while playing games, the voltage hit around 1066 where the normal voltage is (I think) 1025-1050ish. I want to know if I can push more watts through using the power slider, (which I think increases voltage as a side affect) to get more frames. Or I should change voltage, or just leave the voltage. I’m pretty new to overclocking and I’m kinda concerned because I like this card.

Basically, I want to know, will extra volts hurt my card in the long run
Can and should I push the voltage up and increase clock speed because voltage is set to default RN
Is it safe to increase voltage and how will more watts from the power slider affect my card and the voltage

Thanks for putting up with my stupidity.
Also I will try and post a picture soon for more context.