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Question EVGA RTX 2080 super locks when using any overclocking software


Apr 14, 2014
hi smart people from the forums! my rtx 2080super DOES NOT like oc software... doesnt matter if its px or after burner, i cant even adjust voltage headroom without my pc locking up and having to hard reset.... what i mean by that, if i touch ANYTHING even setting memory to 1mhz my card takes a dump on itself.. its super annoying, i dont get this issue when normally using the card... i can launch the software etc, but the moment i try to apply anything even underclocking, BOOM pc locks. i have a 700w psu, 3700x, 3200mhz hyperx ram, msi carbon x570 board, both cpu and gpu are watercooled, gpu runs 69c to 65c in games. and then defiles itself if i even add 1mhz to the core clock. mouse becomes unresponsive, and the image on my screen updates like every 5 seconds, like getting 1 frame per 5 seconds haha. after hard reset, its back to normal. Ive reinstalled windows twice, same issue. LOL WHAT IS GOING ON, WHO HAS HAD THIS ISSUE
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