Question EVGA RTX 2080 XC Hitches/Stutters.... Found slight helper but not a fix - Please help


Mar 27, 2014
Hi there,

I recently purchased all the parts to build a new PC which I put together about a week ago, of the specs being:

Ryzen 2700x @3.7 GHz base (not OCed)
16GB (2x8GB) G Skill Trident Z RGB RAM @ 3200 MHz (Achieved 3200 MHz by using default D.O.C.P profile in BIOS)
ASUS TUF B450 Plus Gaming Motherboard
Samsung EVO 970 500GB m.2 VNAND SSD
EVGA 650W Gold
Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
1080p @ 60Hz

Everything about the build went relatively smoothly considering it was my first build. Everything runs fast and buttery smooth.... Apart from hitching/frame drops in multiple games, the worst of them being Apex Legends. I will get a constant 144 frames in Apex Legends but will occasionally drop frames - Anywhere from 1-40 frames (and on very rare occasion 3 or 4 stutters across 2-3 seconds with BIG frame drops - Only happened once or twice). It will then quickly go back to 144 FPS. This can happen randomly but happens most when I turn or execute some sort of fast movement.

My chipset (, processor (Ryzen Master Driver/Software from AMD), graphics card (419.35), BIOS (0809) and Windows 10 (Ver. 1809) are all up to date with drivers and software. My windows Power Options are set to AMD Ryzen Balanced.

Things I have tried with to no avail:

-Reinstalling all drivers
-Tried using DDU for Video Drivers
-Reinstalled Windows and drivers (again)
-Tried with Vsync on (i hate the input lag it brings. Didn't matter anyway, still had hitches and FPS drops)

One thing I did that DID make a difference was to go into my BIOS settings under AI Tweaking and put OC Tuner ON. This setting is within the same subcategory of settings where I choose the D.O.C.P Auto Profile in order to make my RAM run at 3200 MHz.

This hasn't been a full fix but I have noticed that the frame drops/hitches happen less often and they seem to be a little faster too, but they are definitely still there. Every time I see it happen, I can't help but wince, after spending this amount of money on the card and given this has been an issue since September for many RTX users. All of the threads I've found related to this seem to just die off with no solution. Whether or not the individuals found their own "magic mix" to get it working, I don't know.

Is this a card defect? Is it driver related? Is the fact that the OC Tuner setting on gives better performance reflective of the problem possibly being with RAM/Processor conflicts? Or am I just getting better performance simply because of the setting itself doing its job?

This is incredibly frustrating. I have spent a week trying to fix this and still no solution. Any help would be very much appreciated and I'll be happy to give whatever information necessary.


Feb 16, 2019
it's hard if not impossible to keep a HIGH static framerate even with a good system sometimes. you will have drops from time to time especially with multiplayer games. it might not even be any fault of your GPU, for example, it could be server lag or a bad internet connection. I have come to the conclusion that what we expect and what we get are two different things, best you can do is to try and manage the situation. you could go to NV CP and change your power option to prefer max performance and see if that helps also if you haven't downloaded and installed the b450 chipset drivers make sure to do that


Mar 27, 2014
Thank you for the response, but I can guarantee it isn't internet. You can just see the difference. Also, these stutters and hitches just shouldn't be happening, especially on some of the game I'm playing. The card is totally overkill. Also, dropping 5 frames shouldn't give me a .5 second pause. What I'm seeing on screen along with the fact that many 2080 users have had this problem leads me to believe it's the card - Hardware or software, I'm not sure. Max performance in the options made no difference.

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