Question EVGA RTX 3080 FTW3 Ultra catches fire?


I really think the OP should check the EVGA forums on this, if they haven't already.
I ghost that site from time to time, and the most common occurrences I've read is:
-a certain fuse popping in the card, followed by death.
-playing older titles, only to be greeted by black screen to the card's PCIe slots lighting up. Card refuses to come alive after.
-PCIe slot and 3rd PCIe socket(if present) are out of wack, with the former running a few watts or so out of spec, and the latter running way under.
-the usual(?) GDDR6X concerns. Might be a QC issue from the factory; the higher end models should have acceptable memory thermals, but some haven't been so great out of the box...

The closest thing to a fire happening would be number 1(not really), but that's why the fuse is there in the first place.
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