EVGA (Sort Of) Announces A Graphics Card That Already Exists

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Wow, more DP outs is gona give them a ton more sales!! *sarcasm*

Anyways, i'm glad they did that because the only reason why I would of gone with a gigabyte gtx 970 is because it has better display outs than the older gtx 970.

Now I would choose a GTX 970 from evga!

BTW... ACX cooler is great! I have a gtx 750 ti FTW and it stays at really low temps when clocked at 1346mhz (NVidia boost 2.0).



wow guys pretty terrible article. if you even go to evga site and check the specs you will see that this is going from a 4+2 to a 6+2 phase power not to mention the rest

1.215v+ Voltage Boost
dB Inverter (0db)
Memory MOSFET Cooling Plate (14% cooler mem and 50% cooler mosfet)
Optimized Power Target (+33%)
Straight Heat Pipes - (6% cooler GPU)

this is the same as the new ftw+ that is not released yet but the new ftw+ will have a backplate.

evga card specs

evga graphic


by the way the old gtx970sc is no more and this has replaced it at the same price point. the new ftw+ will be aggressively priced also according to @evga_jacobF

this is the card that evga should have came out with in the beginning as their rendition of the gtx970 is quite poor compared to the rest

I own the gtx970sc and I am about to use the step-up program to get the new ssc model (already approved just have to send in my GPU and it only is costing me shipping). my card is great with no coil whine and a great overclocker getting up to 1550/8000. in the end I just want the upped power limit and voltage control as some games are playing havoc with this card and its low power target.


Jul 28, 2006
What exactly is evga gonna do when little kids think they can over clock their cards to 2ghz
and not blow off all the caps of the capasitors, ?give them an award card and give them their money back?


I would think pricing is available since it is on the evga site at $349.99


the product is no longer available for sale (out of stock) but it has been posted there for about a week


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Jul 22, 2013
Common Niels, this was not a good article. To keep it short, the SSC replaces the SC card. The SSC has better power delivery, the ACX cooler has been improved, better rear I/O and I think a backplate ( don't quote me on the plate). Jayztwocents has a vid on it. Full overview:http://m.hexus.net/tech/news/graphics/78613-evga-launching-new-improved-geforce-gtx-970-ssc-card/
[quotemsg=15042658,0,389923]They put EVGA's Precision X software up on Steam. People are playing with it like its a game /shudder[/quotemsg]

Huh, just downloaded it on steam and I know what you mean.

But hey, if people want to mess with their GPUs and risk killing them then that's their responsibility.
Wow... I would agree with FKR, this is a pretty bad article. It includes nothing most of us care about. EVGA up until this point took an OEM card and slapped their cooler on it. With this card they upgraded components including the VRM's for the GPU from 4 phase to 6 phase. I couldn't find whether they upgraded the 1 phase vRAM VRM to 2 phase, but I would suspect they would upgrade the components. Way to be late to the party there EVGA. Most of the other brands did this day 1 and you thought you could get away with selling plain Jane cards with a shiny cooler. With so many GTX970 SKU's out there from eVGA you have to do your research before buying one. I'm sure they lost a lot of sales to MSI, Gigabyte, and ASUS for those of us who read through reviews to find which cards had the better components off the truck.


the previous acx cooler was replaced rightt away with the acx 2.0 which is a good cooler but this new acx cooler with straight pipes running the length of the card will lower temps by another 5C or so from what I have read on the evga forums.

the new card does have a 6+2 design which is great

this card does not have a backplate but it does have a mosfet/memory front plate between the heatsink and the pcb.

and jay2tall you ara absolutely right that the early evga 970 cards are crap reference cards.

for anybody reading this who bought a gtx970 from evga they are allowing us to step-up to another improved gtx970. for most anybody there is no cost other than shipping so make sure you do this if you can

the only cards that i rec from evga right now are the new ssc and the soon to be released ftw+
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