Question EVGA Supernova 1000W Gold making weird noise when starting PC and when running GPU stress test ?


Feb 7, 2013
Dear All,

I purchased a EVGA supernova 1000Watt on 31st Dec 2022 and is now hearing this weird noise from PSU while doing GPU stress test and starting of computer. Can anyone of you tell me is this coil whine or the fan bearing is not good. This sound happens only when the GPU is under load.

My specs
amd ryzen 9 7900x
asus tuf x670e plus wifi
zotac rtx 4080
32gb ddr5
1000 watt psu
gen 4 ssd wd 1tb
crucial sata ssd 1tb
6 cooler master fans
lian li galahad 360 aio

Please let me know if it can cause damage to the system or i can continue using it as it does not get very loud.
Or I need to RMA it as I have 10 yr warranty. But if need to RMA it will take time for replacement.

Thanks & Regards