EVGA Supernova 650W G1 Gold Modular Power Supply

The original one was not so hot .... the new one has a 10 year warranty but the only G1 review I have seen so far is on hightechlegion for the G1 1000 watter and, tho reviewed very well, that's not exactly transferable to the 650.

So until it's been reviewed, it's hard to say what what with the new design. On the other hand, EVGA gave it a 10 year warranty so one **might** assume they think enough of it not to worry about it. Since you are basically "covered", in one sense you have nothing to lose if it fails for 10 years and we can rest assured it's not going to blow anything up.

Will it give strong voltage stability and low ripple enough to satisfy serious overclockers ? Until it's tested who knows. Will it last 3 , 5 or 10 years ? Who knows ? But since they will send you a new one do you care ?

For me, I look for less than 1% voltage variation and extremely low ripple so I likely wouldn't buy it for myself. A 10 year guarantee warrants only compliance with the ATX specification which is fine for stock and moderate overclocking. Would I put it in a user build who was budget constrained ? Yes, until I see soemthing published to the contrary after detailed tear down and testing, I'd have no qualms about doing so.... tho I would recommend the Seasonic M12 or S12 in that price range instead.