EVGA Teases (Yet Pleases) At CES With New Laptop, iCX Cooling, Modular Water Coolers

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The EVGA SC series cards have long been "less than" the competing cards in the same price niche from MSi, Asis, Giga etc... the 5xx SCs was known for for weak VRMs and the SC line in general could be taken as SC = "Same Card" as reference. Sometimes they would change the VRM .. but simply replace it with another brand / model with the same number of phases. When one of the 3 heat pipes completely missed the GPU on the 970 ... EVGAs reaction was:

1. Press release claiming it's all OK, I promise
2. A fix which resolved the heat pipe issue but completely ignored the others issues (weak VRM, lack of adequate VRM / memory cooling)

EVGA should just abandon the SC (and now the FTW as it suffers in 10xx versions) lines and the "fix" should include more than slapping a new name on it.


Feb 24, 2011
No G-Sync on the expensive model which could really use it due to the 4k screen and the low frame rates it's going to getting.
G-Sync on the 120hz model which has enough horsepower to run 1080p well beyond 120hz.
Seems they got the features the wrong way around.

EKWB already do modular water cooling with quick disconnects so it's hardly something new. Just new for EVGA. Not likely I would go with EVGA over an established water cooling brand unless they were cheaper but that seems unlikely.

I took a look at the second hand market in AU. The only 10xx series GPU's are EVGA cards. All of them say stuff like, "Don't have time to play so selling to someone that can use" etc. No one writing changing to a better brand due to dodgy EVGA build quality, lol.
Also we don't get the aftermarket service from EVGA that the US gets so you can forget about the offers they make.

I've never bought EVGA and I doubt I ever will.


Dec 13, 2011
EVGA should be ashamed of themselves!! They release modular AIO units that can do both GPU and CPU but fail you give the GPU a full waterblock and release this hybrid crap nonsense?!


Mar 12, 2008
EVGA hasn't done me right with my GTX 1070.

I've contacted them almost a half-dozen times, and they just dont' reply.

To make matters worse, I at least upgraded the bios (so the fans run higher), and that failed too. Luckily they have a dual bios, or I'd be one GTX1070 down now. The individual card with the failed upgrade, just runs fans @ 100% now. I didn't even try to do the other one.

So I'm done with EVGA.


May 16, 2011
I think the release of these "iCX" 1070/1080s is a big slap in the face to those who shelled out big bucks for the original FTW and SC models. Just check the forums at EVGA and you'll see how many people had/have issues with those cards due to very poor QC on EVGAs part. Numerous problems almost all of which are heat related. Then they wanted you to add thermal pads yourself to a $600 card to keep it from burning up? Insane. I had to RMA my 1080 FTW 3 times and I'm still left with a bitter taste in my mouth. Now they release a new version? WTF EVGA? I think the 10xx series ACX cooler cards have been nothing short of a nightmare for EVGA and it has cost them a lot of long time customers. I'm one of them.
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