[SOLVED] EVGA X15 mouse acts like ctrl would be pressed

Sep 29, 2022
I recently bought a EVGA X15 mouse, which I intended to use for World of Warcraft Classic (Wotlk). Unfortunately, there is some weird behaviour going on.
When using the mouse, sometimes the buttons of the mouse and my keyboard (ROG Claymore) start acting crazy. For example:
  • Pressing ESC opens the Windows search bar.
  • When pressing other buttons they act like I would still be pressing ctrl. So for example: pressing button 4 acts like I would be pressing button 4 and ctrl at the same time.
I can "fix" the issue temporarly by pressing "ctrl" on the keyboard.

Anyone having similar issues or knows why this keeps happening?
I have read posts on other forums, from users with a similar problem. They could sometimes fix the problem by installing a dedicated firmware (ghub for example). EVGA has a Software called "Unleash" and the programm is installed since the first time I used the mouse.
The problem still occurs. Resetting the mouse to factory settings with the software also didnt fix the problem.

I copied this post from the EVGA-Forum, where I didnt get any response. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards



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