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Recently I had needed a way to capture footage from computers without using software which can impact performance, so I looked around for a capture card.

I stumbled on the EVGA XR1 Lite USB 3.0 capture card on sale for $45 which seemed to have all of the features I wanted. High end capture cards can be very expensive but this one was in my price range, and I preferred a USB card to a pcie one for numerous reasons.


This card does 1080p60 capture and has a passthrough port that supports up to 4k60. Unlike the more expensive non "lite* version it lacks the unnecessary RGB and the 3.5mm audio capture feature which I did not need.

The package includes a simple but helpful quick start guide as well as a rather nice feeling USB 3.0 type A to type C port for connecting the XR1 Lite to your computer. A rather average feeling HDMI cable is also included.

When plugged in, XR1 Lite automatically begins to power on. It takes approximately 30 seconds for the card to boot up and for the status led to go from red to blue. The passthrough unfortunately does not work untill the card has fully turned on.

The card is picked up in OBS and works straight out of the gate. I had to change some settings in order to get the best possible image, but once I did I was rather pleased with the capture quality.

View: https://imgur.com/5cXSK1z

This is a screenshot of a 1080p60 capture.

This card does not appear to have any noticable reduction in image quality going from 30fps to 60fps capture, unlike some cheap capture devices.

Input latency in OBS is not bad, but you will want to use the passthrough, especially if gaming.

After this I disassembled the card.
View: https://imgur.com/wehD74b

After removing the screws under the rubber feet the top came right off.

View: https://imgur.com/GS52Coc

After removing the metal weight here is the circuit board.

The Video to USB chip is an ITE IT9323TE
A few interesting tidbits about this chip is that it supports 4k30 output, however the EVGA XR1 Lite does not allow this feature to be used, unfortunately. I would have liked to see this feature enabled as it would make this card an even better value.

This chip also offers no video compression which will help to improve video capture quality and eliminate compression arctifacts often found on other inexpensive cards.

Overall I would recommend this card as it does seem to be a very good product. I will update this if needed in the future.
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