News EVGA's $2,500 RTX 3090 Ti Comes With Free 1600W Power Supply

Tom Sunday

Jul 24, 2020
In wake of building another PC for my second snowbird home, I today got a promotional or ‘BUNDLE’ buying opportunity send to me by email directly from EVGA! But the link connects or forces me to I know nothing about that retailer which raises questions, concern and doubt. Given that RMA, exchanging and doing business with EVGA directly has been outstanding and proven over time. I was about to drop a few thousand dollars and hoping in snagging a promised 1600 Watt free PSU at the same time. To be frank I rather deal with EVGA directly and not with some unknown or outside third party retailer. Why even take that chance? What is this all about and why is EVGA even entertaining utilizing a third reseller party. How can this be good for business? At this same time unfortunately it appears that I cannot buy this proffered seemingly exclusive ‘antonline bundle’ with a free PSU directly from EVGA! What am I missing here? So for now my 3090ti and 1600 Watt PSU specifications will keep on sitting at full price in my EVGA shopping cart waiting for better times perhaps later this year to coming around. Thoughts?
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Mar 16, 2020
With recession looming and the timing of this product, I don’t think people will be willing to pay this sort of money even though this is a halo product from EVGA, plus the free PSU. Enthusiasts will be waiting for next gen GPUs to resume their competitive overclocking rather than go for some stop gap solution that will be mid range in another few months.