EVGA's Budget B3 Series PSUs Promise High Reliability And Performance

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Corsair, you have just been put on notice with your budget CX series even as you long overdue changed to a higher quality OEM for them last year (Channel Well). Well done EVGA. Looking forward to a review.

I was VERY disappointed in my Seasonic S12II 620w PSU for my old Sandy Bridge backup gaming rig and got a new CX750M last year for it. That Seasonic didn't even last three years after replacing an at the time 4-year old dead Corsair TX750 originally put in a 2009 C2D build. There are many reasons why people choose budget PSUs but still want quality. Some like me like to keep their older rigs alive but don't want to put big money into them anymore (like an old dying car).

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Aug 18, 2009
They already had a high quality Bronze B2 lineup , so this is nothing new to Super Flower , the EVGA 750 B2 was one of the best selling PSU's on the market.

The CX450M , CX550M and CX650M are the new lineup models.

The new CX non M models from GREAT WALL , not sure how good they will be , but not a fan of their PSU's as an OEM.
I thought EVGA's B2 (Supernova) line was originally priced a little higher than Corsair's original CX line but I see now after a quick check I was wrong. I see currently the B3 and CX are evenly matched in price. And yes, SF > CW as an OEM.


Dec 4, 2013
When it comes to PSU's, I've never had luck with EVGA power supplies. I don't care if superflower makes their PSU, or what ratings they get. Their flagship T2 Titanium series has a long line of one star reviews from having them fail prematurely. If I buy budget, I'll go with a real manufacturer like Enermax, or Sea Sonic.
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