News EVGA's Stolen GPU Haul Turns Up in Vietnam

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And WHY is it that there are not already sanctions in place against that "major PC vendor" by EVGA and other tech manufacturers, since clearly they care nothing about the losses incurred by these companies due to criminal enterprises like this?

EVERY single supplier should boycott that company and refuse to ship them anything until they return every identified stolen component. This is exactly the same as companies that sell "grey" software licenses. When you don't insist on crap being legit it just makes it simple for this kind of crap to continue and that ends up costing US all a lot more, because these companies don't just "write it off". They just raise prices for legitimate purchasers like us. Heck that.


Dec 19, 2017
Sucks that this happened to evga as they're the last somewhat honest AIB left it seems. Not that all aibs aren't making money hand over fist right now.

Would be nice to see some unity in boycotting this specific outlet from allocation of all hardware from all vendors, but that will never happen as they're all perfectly happy shipping pallets of cards directly to mining outfits without even giving gamers a chance at them.
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