[SOLVED] EVO 970... Which one?

Feb 15, 2020
Hi, I'm planning to buy a new NVMe drive for my PC, I'm a little bit confused about the final choice though, I'm looking for the EVO series, and found some interesting benchmarks about the 970 Pro and 970 plus, but what I need at the moment is speed in read/write, my daily usage of PC, gaming aside, is video/audio editing, I must stick to 1080p and not 2/4K (unfortunately I still use two 1080p monitors for video), but for my audio works I have to do heavy editing on 24 bits 48 KHz files, so I guess a good speed/read capability could do the job here. Last but not least, I usially work on 3D renderings, again with big files moving around. Someone suggested me that a 970 plus would do a good job already, but I would like to ask whether for my case a 970 pro would be better or not. Tnx!