Question Evoo gaming laptop blue screen, gpu died

Jul 7, 2020
OK so basically I was playing Minecraft and I was using my gaming laptop that I got from Walmart called Evoo 15 inch gaming laptop with a 1660 TI and an i seven 9750 H and all of a sudden the game crashed and a little box appeared that says some thing about my external hard drive and some thing relating to riot games Vanguard or something along those lines and I was like that’s weird so I proceeded to delete Valorant.

Then I restart my PC just as a precaution and it blue screened after I restarted the laptop from the blue screen and I noticed that when I go back in Minecraft there was no FPS in the corner because normally I’ll have the user interface showing the FPS with GEforce experience so I proceeded to go into GEforce experience and I checked and my drivers were deleted and I was like that’s weird so I reinstalled them and it said these drivers are not compatible with this Windows version so I was like what the heck?

So I attempted to download the new windows but it was being really slow so I was downloading that while I was checking other things so I went into the video control panel and it said there was no video card detected and then I proceeded to go to reddit and found out it’s a common issue with evoo Gaming laptops.

In conclusion my laptop GPU died so just a precaution don’t download Valorant on your Walmart gaming branded laptop just so if someone else looks this up i’ll put some key words:

EVOO gaming laptop
1660 ti i7 9750h
evoo walmart
walmart gaming laptop