Question Ew3270u Monitor. Is the HDR on this display alright?


Mar 11, 2011
Can someone semi or well versed in HDR displays explain to me what kind of HDR my monitor supports? My question is about hdr zones. I see other people displays have hdr zones, like their white mouse pointer over a black screen may have a GLOW around the mouse since the lighting is in zones, but when HDR is enabled on my own monitor (which i heard isn't the BEST hdr, i think because my monitor only outputs max 400nits upon some youtuber testing) it seems like there is no zones at all, and the mouse has no glow what so ever. It's a VA panel. Let me be clear, I think HDR still looks awesome on my screen, but I've only experienced HDR the first time on this monitor. I also recently saw a video that said my monitor had no backlight bleed, is this perhaps why i don't see "zones"? My monitor is the VA panel Ew3270u and it cost me a little bit more than i feel than it's worth considering its not above 60hz and only 400nits BUT im wondering if its still a good monitor basically, especially as HDR goes. TY in advance for any help.
(oh i would like to add this edit: YES i know i should have totally gone with a better monitor, like 144hz 2k or something, i'm still learning and bought my monitor before i truly understood how good more hz was lol) But i still paid a lot of money for this monitor and im wondering if my money was well spent in any way over another 4k hdr monitor at 60hz)
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