Question Exchange rule to automatically delete all international mail

Jul 12, 2019

I need to configure a rule in the Excahnge admin center for office 365, that will automatically delete all email from countries other than the US, and in all languages except English. This will apply to a specific user.

I created a spam filter, for this user, that I thougt would meet these conditions. In the international spam portion of the rule, I added all countries except the US and all languages except English, to be filtered. In the bulk spam actions, I set it to delete. This is not having the desired effect.

Any ideas?
There's no easy definition of "International" these days.

If I take my laptop to Germany, connect to hotel' WiFi, open GMail, and send you a message, in English - there's good chance some of the headers will be in German. So, is my message "International" or not?

And the other way around - a friend from Germany visits me, with his (German-bought) laptop, checks into the hotel, sends me a message (whether in German or English). Is this message "International"?

Add VPNs (corporate and end-user) to the mix, and you'll understand why these filters work on "allow, I don't know how to handle it" instead of "block, even if I am not sure what to do".