exFAT vs NTFS for 256GB Flash drive

I believe the title says it all. I'm not too familiar with the limits of these file systems, but I do believe that file size limits play a role here.

I'll be saving files in excess of 10GB commonly. I would probably say I'll be saving 15GB files as well.

Oh and I need to be able to tell this drive apart from my other drives, so I'd like to be able to name it and have more than 10 characters available for the drive label.
There's no reason to use exFAT for that, and since NTFS is the default filesystem there will be less chance of errors. It could very slightly improve performance by eliminating the need for the computer to move between different filesystems.
The file size limit on either exFAT or NTFS is the same, and larger than the entire 256GB drive by orders of magnitude. If only used on Windows, NTFS would be a more natural fit though exFAT would make it easier to move between OSes.

So since all of my machines are Windows XP and later, NTFS would do best?